Beware! Top 9 haunted places in ChennaiPosted on june 03, 2016 by Saibala Grand

Beware! Top 9 haunted places in Chennai

If you’d like to be a ghostbuster or enjoy paranormal activities and spooky stories, here are a few places in Chennai that you could try. They are known to me most haunted destinations in Chennai.

Karikattu kuppam - This area was washed away by the tsunami in 2004. Since then stories of paranormal activity at this place are doing the rounds. It is believed that there is a spirit of an old man and child wandering around the shores. Many people have been paralysed at the sight of the ghosts and they try to stay away from this area.

Madras Christian College – It is said that a man committed suicide at the Herber’s Hall in the College after being rejected by his lover. Unusual sounds, screams, noises of utensils being thrown around, windows breaking can be heard in the dead of the night.

Demonte Colony – It is said that the ghost of Mr John De Monte still resides here. There have been incidents where pets and security guards have gone missing. There are instances where the spirit of Mr Monte has even opened and locked the door. Many claim they have seen Mr Monte sitting on his rocking chair.

BlueCross Road – Numerous incidents of suicide have taken place on this road. It is believed that ghosts could be seen if you’re travelling late night on this road.

Valmiki Nagar – This place is haunted by the spirit of a woman who had committed suicide in the area. Neighbours have complained of unexplained sounds of a door slamming and girl sobbing coming from the haunted house. Two people had tried to break into the house to investigate and is said to have been possessed by her spirit.

The Broken Bridge of Adyar River – This is a famous film shooting spot during the daytime. However, as the sky darkens people prefer to stay away from the place as it is rumoured to be haunted by ghosts.

Two Lane East Coast Road –This place is known to house the spirit of a child who had met with a fatal accident on this road. Since then the spirit is said to trouble passers-by and create chaos.

Anna Flyover – Strange noises can be heard while travelling on this flyover. Many people have experienced unusual temperature drops and have also suffered from fever after taking this route

Besant Avenue Road – A naughty ghost goes about slapping people who travel on this road. It is strictly advised not to pass this road during the late hours.

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